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Telemarketing for lead generation and sales

Our telemarketing services are designed to produce results for your business.

We know what it’s like to need a source of good quality sales leads and business appointments – but more to the point we know how to get them.

Lead generation

Telemarketing is a fast, direct and efficient way to develop new sales leads.

In every lead generation project there are a range of critical factors to get right, from planning the approach, to the tone of voice used on each call and the desired outcome of each call.

We don’t use scripts. Our callers are articulate business-oriented individuals who can react quickly to adapt to each conversation.

At WhisperTree we’ve got years of telemarketing experience, so we know what works.

Appointment setting

When you need that extra step from your telemarketing, beyond an expression of interest or a willingness to speak to a sales person, you may want us to diary sales meetings for you and your sales team to attend.

We can qualify each meeting as a prospective customer for you according to your criteria and arrange appointments for you to visit at a mutually convenient time.

Sales pipeline development

Depending on the decision making process for your products or services, your prospects may take anything from days to months to make a purchase.

That’s when you need us to develop your pipeline of sales opportunities for the months ahead.

Using our telemarketing skills, we can keep your prospects warm for you, contacting each one periodically and nurturing them until they’re ready to make that buying decision.

Contact WhisperTree about any of our telemarketing services on 01948 770190 or email info@whispertree.co.uk

"I have been very impressed with WhisperTrees ability to understand our proposition and generate really well qualified appointments for us."

Mark Hancock, Marketing Manager, St Helens Chamber