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Hold on to your customers! Telemarketing for customer retention

Think of the effort and marketing expense that goes into winning every single customer. It’s worth extending that effort to retain your customers, with a personal service call from time to time.

With WhisperTree’s telemarketing service you can reach out to your customers in a number of guises, showing them you appreciate their business so they stay loyal to your business.

Customer Relationship Management

It’s true that the more ‘fuss’ you make of your customers, the more they’ll feel loved by you. And a customer that feels loved needs a very good reason to move.

Use our telemarketing service to ‘touch’ your customers periodically, to send a strong signal that you care about doing business with them.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

You deliver your services or products – and you always want to know what your customers think about them. Right?

It’s not just about how satisfied your customers are. Polling your customers can initiate service improvements and gather invaluable feedback that will lead to increased profits.

WhisperTree carry out formal or informal telephone-based customer satisfaction surveys. If you wish, we can also prepare the questionnaire, define the survey process and even collate the results for you into a professional report.

Account Management

Sometimes the focus on winning new business means that existing customers are left alone. Yet a phone call from an account manager asking “How are you doing?” or “Do you need anything further?” can result in a very quick, and sometimes unexpected sale.

Use our professional and experienced sales professionals as Account Managers for your business, helping you keep track of, keep in touch with and look after your customers.

Contact WhisperTree about any of our customer retention services on 01948 770190 or email info@whispertree.co.uk

"WhisperTree have run several out bound campaigns for our clients and we have always found their results positive, intelligent and successful."

Helen Gould, MD, PA4You Ltd